Fitness Tips Of Pregnant Celebs

Must be wondering what do these celebrities do post pregnancy that they get back in perfect shape even after going through the whole pregnancy the same way we go through. We know that pregnancy is not an easy task; all of us have to face all the pros and cons of pregnancy like morning sickness and the trauma of labour pains.

But what happens after is much more traumatic, the kilos and ounces you put on all over the body post pregnancy. It is toughest job in the world to shed this weight. Even though to try your level best to stay fit all though and post pregnancy with exercises and healthy diet, but then too it shows up as bulges around your waist and everywhere on your body. What is that something different these celebrities do post pregnancy that they not only return back to their normal body shape rather start looking more stunning than ever?

Where does that extra post pregnancy flab go in their case? What is that extra thing that they do, not to put on those tonnes of kilos? Let us check out some celebrities fitness tips that they follow to look all the more hotter post pregnancy. Stop envying them, just read what they do and follow these fitness tips so that next time you can also flaunt that hot and sexy look post pregnancy.

Angelina Jolie look

Angelina Jolie look

Her spell bounding beauty even after getting pregnant twice is worth envy. Although we all know that these celebrities hire special experts who work on their diet and fitness all the while they are pregnant. But we need to analyse their philosophy on which they work and follow all through their pregnancy to give birth to a healthy child and remain fit after pregnancy. This is that even Angelina Jolie did, she is an international mascot for promoting third world countries. She has always worked with famished and hunger ridden people in these countries.

SO she realised that there has to be a diet which can keep you properly nourished and keep your baby healthy while in the womb. She framed pregnancy diet which was enough for the healthy growth of her babies in her womb and keeps her fit too. It included lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, water, low carbohydrate content, tea and fish. Although it is impossible for us to keep a personal dietician all through the pregnancy, but we can follow the main rule of keeping the carbs lowest in our diet and make it nutritious.

Penelope Cruz

She is worth mentioning amongst the fit celebrity moms. She became pregnant while she was working in the movie The Pirates of the Caribbean 4th part. She worked all through her pregnancy on the tiresome schedules of shooting the movie and then too she never looked worn out or tired after the shooting. In fact like other pregnant mothers she did not even look skinny. She followed her passion for dancing after pregnancy to lose weight.

She didn’t work on dieting or extensive work outs to lose the weight rather just hit the dancing floor to lose the weight and get that curvaceous body.  What she simply did was to dance like a mad person and achieved a fit and fuller body after her pregnancy. She hates working out in gym like crazy people , but she regularly  does , yoga , strength training , dancing ,pilates and cardio to stay fit after pregnancy.

Maliaka Arora Khan

Maliaka Arora Khan

When you think about the perfect and fit Indian Celebrity mom, then she is the one who comes to our mind. She never neglects her fitness and workouts even if she is busy like hell. In her priority list diet and fitness comes first. She simply follows basic fitness rules which are known to everyone, but we hardly dare to follow them like never skip your meals or starve your body. Your breakfast should be king size and the lunch should be eaten like a prince and the dinner should be minimal just like a pauper.

There should be least carbohydrates in your dinner at night. Never stay hungry rather eat everything, but the quantity should be moderate to stay fit. Olive oils is best cooking oil, so all the food you eta must be cooked in it. It will keep your heart healthy. Follow strict diet during the whole week, but Sunday should be a fun day when you can indulge in food. For her workout schedule is very important that within her busy day she takes time off to hit the gym or go to the yoga classes. For her fitness is just like a second religion which she never forgets to follow every day.

Catherine Zeta Jones

She is the only pregnant lady who dared to dance on the Oscar dance floor in front of the whole world. She did not feel shy of her 8 month pregnant body even for a while. Rather she swayed with perfect womanly élan to the music of ‘All that Jazz’. Remarkable she won an Oscar for that movie too. She did not feel conscious even for a while been on the stage with her pregnant and fat body. Rather the confidence oozing out at that moment from her fully pregnant body made the entire pregnant woman very proud and confident. She also worked on her figure post pregnancy with the help of perfect diet and yoga and got back those sexy curves in few months time.

Jessica Alba and Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Both these Hollywood celebrities religiously followed the weight loss program designed by Ramona Braganza, a renowned fitness trainer. She designed an especial fitness program called ‘321 Baby Budge be Gone ‘Program where post pregnancy the mother needs to eat 3 meals, 2 snacks and 1 litre of water every day. This way the baby and the mother both get required nutrients after delivery too. This diet being very low in carbohydrates and high in fibres and nutrients and proteins helps in getting the perfect sexy figure back within few months. That is why it was possible for Halle Berry and Jessica to get back those sexy curves even after pregnancy.

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