Five Most Common Signs of Pregnancy

Getting pregnant and becoming a mother is the natural desire of every woman. Many women come to know about their pregnancy only after having a pregnancy test done. However, there are some very early signs of pregnancy which you can spot. These signs are results of hormonal changes which are affected after you have conceived. If you have any of these signs, you can get a pregnancy test done to confirm your pregnancy.

The most common pointer that you are pregnant is a missed period. If your menstrual period has been regular so far and it is not happening this time around, you can invest in a home pregnancy test kit. Such a kit can give almost accurate results. It gives the result by measuring hCG (the hormone secreted during pregnancy) which is present in your urine. The first morning urine contains the highest level of hCG. As such you can get the test done with the first urine of the day. If the result is positive then you can take an appointment with a gynecologist.

You may have spotting even after getting conceived. However, the color of the discharge will be light and it may last for a fewer days than a normal period. To put everything concerns about pregnancy to rest, you can get a blood test done. This is the most reliable test to confirm pregnancy.

The second of the most common signs of pregnancy is morning sickness. This is a condition wherein you are affected by nausea and throw-ups. You may also develop aversion to some particular foods and drinks. However, morning sickness does not affect you only in the morning. You may also experience it at other times of the day. Morning sickness also warrants a pregnancy test.

Vaginal discharge is another common sign of pregnancy. This is caused by production of more mucus by the mucus plug to keep the baby safe from infections. However if the discharge is accompanied with a itching and/burning sensation and if gives out an odor, if may be pointer that you are suffering from an STD.

The last of the most common pointers of pregnancy is breast soreness. You may have experienced it before and during your periods. But the experience when you have conceived is more heightened.