Five Most Unsafe Sleeping Positions Of Your Baby

Five Most Unsafe Sleeping Positions Of Your BabyOne of the best phases that a couple pass through, after few years of marriage is probably when the female partner gives birth to a baby. The newly acquired parenthood is an extremely enjoying phase.

Every moment shared with the baby gets treasured, to be recalled later as a sweet nostalgic feeling. The father and mother celebrate their newly acquired parenthood and also remain anxious about the baby. They are so serious about the baby and his or her well being that they keep no stones unturned in the process.

They visit the pediatric regularly, they administer the recommended dosage of medicines and protein and vitamin supplements. They also look after every small yet important need of the baby such as bathing regime, food, how the baby is to be fed, what are the basic health care routine that is to be followed, etc.

Parents might be surprised to know, but sleep position of a baby is also very important. While some of the sleep positions of the baby are recommended ones, others may be unsafe. Let us find out the unsafe sleeping positions of the baby.

Unsafe Sleeping Position No. 1

The baby must not sleep on his or her face. Such a position can be extremely harmful for the baby as it can cause suffocation and shortness of breath. There can be blockage of oxygen supply, affecting the baby immensely. This can be one of the prominent factors of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, as the medical research shows babies sleeping on their stomach are highly vulnerable to such deaths.

Unsafe Sleeping Position No. 2

Babies sometimes tend to sleep on their sides. Such a position might be comfortable for the baby, but it is not at all a recommended one. The baby can become deformed. Actually, during this tender age, the body parts and the head of the baby remain very soft. So, if the baby continues to sleep on one side continuously or one either of the sides, the head structure gets immensely deformed.

Unsafe Sleeping Position no.3

Unsafe Sleeping Position  for baby

It is not at all right to let the baby sleep near sleep accessories like piles of cushion, mattress, bulky comforters and not even stuffed toys. This is an age when the baby cannot understand or judge how to tackle situations.

So, while sleeping, if the baby accidentally turns towards such things in such a way that they become blockage to healthy inhalation and exhalation procedure of the baby, it can even cause death due to suffocation. Ensure that while your baby sleeps there is no such thing around.

Unsafe Sleeping Position No. 4

Do not let your baby sleep very close to the air conditioner or the room heater. Your baby might feel too hot than usual or be easily susceptible to cold attacks, but the sleeping very close to such gadgets might prove hazardous for the health of the baby. In case you have such arrangements in your bedroom, ensure that they are kept at a safe distance from the baby.

Unsafe Sleeping Position No. 5

Do not underestimate your baby. Never think that he or she is easily susceptible to cold attack than you in the similar situation. So, never try to put layers of clothes on the baby when he or she goes to sleep. The body of the baby generates heat. Thus, it will overheat the baby’s body, making him or her sweat. This will ultimately become the source of chill in the chest. It is always wise to allow the baby to sleep in a relaxed way, in light cotton clothes.

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