Five Things Every Parent Of A Special Child Should Know

Things Every Parent Of A Special Child Should KnowTo become a parent, it comes with great responsibilities, especially, if you have a special child to look after.

You seek help of the doctors and therapists who guide you to raise your special child. Infact, you would also encounter unsolicited advices from everyone you meet which can be annoying at times, since you’ve been trying your level best as a parent.

You know your child the best. Therefore, you should know are the following:

Five Things Every Parent of a Special Child Should Know

Go by Your Gut Feeling

Many a times, people do not take you seriously. If you think a problem exists in your child, be sure and go ahead and consult a doctor. Remember, you stay with your child all day, no one else could know more than you. Take an opinion of therapists, doctors and counselors to have your gut feeling set right.

Ultimately, the problem should get solved, doesn’t matter how long or tiring the process may be. Sometimes, parents fail to notice any abnormal behavior until the child grows up. It is never too late to get in touch with a specialist and meet your child’s special needs.

Have Flexible Routine with Your Special Child

Following a strict routine may be a little tough to follow with a special child. You just never know when the emergency crops up and you have to work around it accordingly.

Of course, have some set patterns like having ice-creams on a selected day, watching a movie before bedtime on a specific day of the week or doing an activity before the bed time.

Routines help the child to be disciplined but being too strict and rigid would make the child very uncomfortable accepting new things in life. It would hence become very difficult as a parent to introduce new activities as he/she grows up.

Teach Discipline from Day One

Disciplining a special child needs a lot of patience. You may be impatient yourself but your child should know he/she cannot misbehave anytime. Of course, there would be off days where your child goes out of control, but in that case, more than punishments, it is the rewards that would push your child to stick to the routine.

Rewards could be in the form of his/her favorite ice-cream or a day out at his/her favorite place, anything that would make the child want to stay disciplined.

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Good Grooming Habits in a Special Child

Like any other normal child, keep him/her well dressed, hair combed, fingernails cut and make them wear clean and comfortable clothes.

Teach him/her basic manners like how to eat, how to acknowledge people around them, say “thank you” and “please” whenever need and most importantly, how to behave well in public. Inculcate the habit of sharing and caring so that he/she doesn’t bully other kids in a play area.

Hire baby-sitters

Last thing a parent of a special child should feel is guilty about hiring a baby-sitter. A good caretaker can be a boon for your special child. Make sure the care giver is well-trained to deal with special children.

The child learns to interact with others and forms special bonds apart from you. This also helps you as a parent, to take a break and be all by yourself.

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