Food Hygiene

Kid’s digestive system is not as developed as adults and hence kids have greater chances of getting infections.Therefore, in addition to maintaining  personal hygiene it’s also very important to maintain good food hygiene .

Food hygiene  prevents germs and bacteria which are responsible for causing  various diseases. Home food is considered to be the best and safest food for kids. However; it too needs special care and hygiene while preparing them.

Cooking baby food at home is always a good decision. This is the best way of inculcating good healthy eating habit in kids.While preparing food  at home its important to maintain good food hygiene and this in turn requires a lot of attention and proper knowledge.By doing so,a healthy food free from germs and bacteria is made and thus  the babies  are able to avail the healthy benefits of nutritious home cooked food.

Its very essential for parents to ensure that their kids consume healthy food.So,some of the most essential tips which when followed and made a part of cooking process can help in attaining good food hygiene.

* Most important and basic rule to maintain proper hygiene is to wash hand before touching food or starting cooking.

* The fruits or vegetables to be used while cooking kid’s food should be washed thoroughly under running water before peeling them or cutting them.

* All the utensils should be cleaned and washed  thoroughly without leaving traces of detergents

* Kitchen work platform, chopping boards,cutting knifes should be cleaned and washed

* Parents must try and keep different set of utensils, cooking spoons, eating spoons, plates, bowls, and glasses for their kids. This helps to reduce the chances of infections.

* Hair should be properly tied up to avoid any hair fall during cooking.

* While cooking more than one dish at a time, use different spoons for stirring different food items

* Use different spoon for tasting food at different times

* Always keep the food covered.

Food hygiene is about preventing the spread of bacteria and hence the disIt’s always better to serve fresh cooked food rather than serving the left over to kids. This reduces the chances of getting infections. While cooking fish or meat, parents must make sure that the food is cooked thoroughly.

Generally kids get hungry in between the meals.So,parents must wash and  keep the fruits  in the refrigerators for them to eat. Smaller babies have the habit to eat with their hands.They also have the habit to pick up and eat food from the floor. So,parents must help them to inculcate the habit of washing hand and other  personal hygiene in them.

Raka Raghuvanshi