Foods That Will Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

Breastfeeding your child is of vital importance for building the immunity as well as for the mental development of the child. In fact, health authorities all across the world encourage compulsory breastfeeding the child for 6 months.

Many a times, mothers don’t get the enough quantity of milk to satisfy their child’s requirements.

Just be sure that you are actually suffering from low milk supply. There are times when nursing mothers are confused about their baby’s refusal to take milk and blame it on themselves. Consult your pediatrician or a lactation consultant to determine the root cause of the problem. If the problem is indeed low milk supply, don’t worry as there are lots of foods and liquids that will help you to enhance the breast milk supply.

Following tips will help you to increase your breast milk supply:

Make sure that you drink gallons of water everyday. In fact, pediatricians say that at least 90% of the milk which comes from a women’s breast after delivery is water. Thus, drink loads of water which will be good to increase your breast milk supply and also won’t let you feel dehydrated.

You need to increase your food intake during the day. This is mainly because you need to intake at least 1800-2200 calories per day to ensure enough milk supply to your baby. Breastfeeding will lead to burning of 500-800 calories in a day for the mother.

Continue breastfeeding your child as long as possible. The more a child sucks, the more will be the milk supply from he mother’s breast. In case if you’re child takes breastfeed for less time, than see to it that you pump the milk from your breast. Although nursing is preferred as compared to pumping as pumping doesn’t stimulate the milk supply as much as nursing.

Hire a masseuse who can give a daily massage to your body and most importantly your breast. Daily massage to your breast will increase the flow of milk from he breast.

There are many types of foods which are considered to be ideal for increase in milk supply. Fenugreek, cumin seeds, drumsticks and ridged gourd help you to enhance your milk supply.

See to it that you continue to breastfeed from both the breast. If you continue giving feed from one breast, the other breast will be clogged up with milk. This will cause harm to the mother and the child too will be deprived of more milk.

Avoid giving the baby any outside semi solid food or juices. If baby starts like their taste and the convenience with which they take it, they will stop taking breast feed.

Last but not the least, take proper rest, sleep well and be happy.

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