Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

People make it a point to eat right during pregnancy and include all the right kind of foods but forget about the foods to avoid during pregnancy.

It is equally important to emphasize on what not to eat during pregnancy.There are a number of foods to avoid during pregnancy.

These foods should be avoided as these have slight traces of harmful bacteria or other substances which could harm you and the baby.Even traces of these substances could prove hazardous.

The list of foods to avoid during pregnancy starts with sushi and raw or partially cooked meat as these contain coliform bacteria,toxoplasmosis and salmonella.Even uncooked or partially cooked beef ,poultry or even seafood contains these substances.

These foods are accompanied by listeria and salmonella poisoning.
Deli meats like hot-dog etc. could also contains listeria bacteria.It could even lead to miscarriage.

But it can be consumed if it is smoking hot but still why take a chance, so rather avoid it.You should also avoid river and lake fishes as these might contain industrial pollutants.

Some fishes like swordfish, shark etc. have accumulated levels of mercury which could damage your babies brain.So avoid these kind of fishes.Pregnant women are prone to food poisoning so it is best to avoid all these foods.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy also contains any kind of foods which contain raw eggs as even raw eggs contain salmonella.A number of salad dressing, mayonnaise, ice-creams etc. contain some amount of raw eggs.So stay away from such foods as much as you can.

Also some forms of cheese, like blue cheese, feta, Latin American white cheese etc. house bacteria in them.So say no to all these foods during pregnancy.You can consume the kind of cheese which is labeled pasteurized.

Too much vitamin A consisting foods are to be avoided during pregnancy as too much of vitamin A is not good for the baby.Foods to avoid during pregnancy also contains anything that is not pasteurized.Stay away from unpasteurized milk and also juices.

Along with foods we should not forget about the beverages to avoid during pregnancy.Stay away from alcohol and caffeine as much as you can as it causes great deal of damage to the baby.Also stay away from aerated drinks and artificial sweeteners as these are not good for the baby.Keep in mind all these foods to avoid during pregnancy and stay healthy.