Formula Milk- Its Pros And Cons

Even though breast milk is the ideal food that can be given to a baby, formula milk is also equally good. This is because formula milk is specially designed by the experts to benefit the bottle feeding babies.

The contents and nutrients in formula milk are similar to that of breast milk and are made under strict supervision. It provides all the vitamins and minerals that are essential for proper growth and development of the baby. Moreover formula milk is easily digestible unlike the cow’s milk.

Advantages of Formula Milk

Many times mothers are not able to feed their baby and it happens mostly in the case of working mothers and those with less milk production. Such mothers can use formula milk to feed their baby even if they are not with their baby.

The quality and taste of formula milk remains consistent unlike breast milk which keeps on changing depending on the diet of the mother. Hence feeding mothers have to limit their intake of spicy food and other foods that affects the milk production as such foods upset baby’s digestive system. But if formula milk is used then mother need not follow such diets.

Disadvantages of Formula Milk

Unlike the breast milk which can be readily fed to the baby, formula milk has to be stored and prepared till feeding. Mother or caretaker must be very carefully to mix the correct quantity of water and milk powder as otherwise it may leads to health problems in the baby.

Also care should be taken to feed the milk with in an hour of preparation. Reheating of prepared formula milk may leads to bacterial breeding which is harmful to the baby.

Besides this the accessories used for feeding such as bottles and nipples must be sterilized every time before and after usage. Even though the nutritional qualities of formula milk almost meets mother’s milk it fails to supply the antibodies that a baby should get from its mother’s milk to develop immunity against diseases and infection. More over formula milk is expensive as well.

There are different types of formula milk especially made for low birth weight babies, sick babies and babies less than three months etc and choose the one that is most appropriate for the baby.