Fruit Juices for Babies

A common question asked by most parents is to know when they can give their baby juice. This articles states several pros and cons to giving juice to your baby.Fruit juices definitely have some value and do offer some benefits to the baby’s diet, however it is recommended not to give your baby juice before she completes six months. The baby is getting all her nutrients from milk or formula till six months.

The advantages of giving juice are that the amount of iron absorbed by the baby doubles if your baby consumes juices containing ascorbic acid along with her meal. However you must feed the infant juices available in the market as they do not contain added sugars or sulfites and are meant for babies only.

The juice should also be 100 percent pasteurized fruit juice and not fruit drinks  Fruit juices benefit those children more who suffer from constipation and diluting the juice with fluoridated water helps your child to get fluoride especially if she does not like to drink plain water.

Whenever you are giving juice to the baby it is important to keep in mind certain pointers for serving it. Always serve the juice in a cup and never a bottle. This reduces the risk of tooth decay and prevents the acids and sugars present in the fruit from pooling around their teeth.

Dilute the juice before serving it, one part of juice to ten parts of boiled and cooled water. Do not allow the baby to sip juice throughout the day, the amount of juice consumed should not exceed 4 to 6 oz per day and never offer juice immediately before a solid meal as this reduces their appetite.

There are several disadvantages of giving juice to your infant. Drinking too much juice is known to cause tooth decay, gas in the stomach and other discomforts, also sipping on the juice reduces the intake of essential nutrients derived from solids and leads to malnutrition.

Your child is getting mostly carbohydrates and sugars and not proteins and fats this leads to an imbalance in their diet. It is recommended that you should encourage your child to eat whole fruits.