Fun Activities For Kids

Have a fully-charged toddler at home and don’t know how to keep him engaged? Read on to find out how you can channelize your toddler’s energy into constructive yet fun-filled activities.


Though it can be a little messy, your toddler will love this. Give him a paper, painting brush, and some nontoxic finger paints. You will be amazed at the masterpieces your child can make with this.

Building blocks

Available in various sizes and colors, these are good for developing fine motor skills of your child. Larger pieces are best suitable for toddlers as it enables easy handling and you need not worry about your child putting the small pieces in his mouth.

Toy kitchen sets

Those colorful utensils and ladles fantasize kids of both gender equally. Now both of you can take turns and prepare yummy dishes for each other.

Paper, scissors, and gum stick

Kid-safe scissors are available in the market. These can cut nothing but paper and cannot harm your child in any way. Take a magazine or newspaper and cut pictures of objects that your toddler likes. Apply little gum and ask him to paste it on a cardboard. This will help him get familiar with the names of the objects around him.


Make a tent with some bed linen and tell him it is his toy house. Ask him to decorate or set up his house as he likes.

Watering plants

Give your child a pair of gloves and a hose, and he will enjoy watering the plants in your garden. You can sow some seeds for him in a separate area and ask him to tend it everyday. He will be delighted to see “his garden” growing.

Create an album

Take some of your little one’s pictures and paste them in a scrap book. Decorate the scrap book with stickers and glitters. Write small descriptive sentences beneath each picture such as “Tony is sleeping,” “mommy is cooking” etc. Apart from making him proud and happy, he will also learn a lot of sight words and get introduced to reading.

With a little imagination and thoughtfulness, you can add more variety to this and tailor it to suit your child’s interest. Not only will these fun activities keep him happy, it will also make the bond between both of you grow stronger day by day.