Games For Birthday Parties – Making Your Kid’s Birthday Party Fun

Games for birthday parties should be fun and safe. It could also be silly. Though silly shouldn’t mean annoying anyone or having practical jokes where someone can get hurt – emotionally or physically.

Hi Harry
This is a game of name calling. And it’s fast paced. The whole concept is to get someone to make a mistake. It can be played by 6 or more people. Peanut butter is the item of choice here. This is required because each time someone makes a mistake, he/she gets a little dab of peanut butter on their faces. The dabs are called spots. Whoever gets 4 spots loses.
Jump The Stick
As mentioned earlier, games for birthday parties can also be silly. This is such a game. The objective is to get someone to jump over a broom stick while they are dizzy. No prizes for guessing what the item of choice is. A broomstick is held closed to the chin, and the person has to turn in circles, while everyone else keeps a count till 20.

As soon as the 20 counts are over, the person throws down the broomstick and tries to jump over it. Others in the group may have to be ready to catch the one who falls.

Apples To Apples
This is game can be played by 4 to 10 players. Props include a card tray and two sets of apple cards – Green and Red apples. The objective here is to select a red apple card every time the judge reads out a green apple card. Because the red apple cards name any person or object, and the green apple cards name a characteristic, the ending result is a whole bunch of laughter.

Dont Move
This is birthday party game played in the dark. Best is to have between 4-8 players for some good fun. There three roles to be played here: a tour guide, a tourist, and the rest of the group become statues.

The tour guide and the tourist turn off the lights and leave the room. After sometime, they come back into the room while the rest of group members have taken their places as statues.

The objective of the game is to get everyone to move by whatever means necessary. The last remaining statue wins the game. The above short list should make every birthday parties more fun for everyone. And they are safe.