Gastric Problem During Pregnancy

Gastric Problem During PregnancyPregnancy is a very pleasant and memorable experience.But there are certain factors that could make it a horrible and unpleasant experience.Gastric problem during pregnancy is one such problem.It is very natural to suffer from gastric problem during pregnancy.

It could be caused by change in hormonal balance that end up affecting digestive system or simply because you swallowed some air.It is not something to worry about but it does cause a great deal of discomfort, embarrassment and irritation. But it is not something that you cannot get rid of. Just make sure you do certain things right and your problem will be solved.

Tipa to Avoid Gastric Problem During Pregnancy

First of all you should analyze what foods trigger your gastric problem. Number of foods, like apple, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower, beans, asparagus, cheese, ice-cream or even milk may trigger gastric problems in some women while other women may remain unaffected.So learn what foods cause you discomfort and avoid them for the next nine months.

Try not to drink water while you are eating. Have water once you finish your meal.Make it a point to chew your food properly before swallowing it.Try not gulping your food down.

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Instead of eating 3-4 large meals a day, break your meals into 5-6 parts. Having food more frequently will keep your digestive system busy and solves gastric problems during pregnancy. Also avoid having a heavy meal before going to bed.

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Avoid any kind of carbonated drinks as these cause great amount of gas.Also minimize your intake of coffee as it could trigger gastric problems during pregnancy.Drinks containing artificial sweeteners should also be avoided.Stay away from chewing gum and hard candies.Never ever smoke while you are pregnant.

Make it a point to exercise daily.This will keep your weight in check and also keep gastric problems during pregnancy away. If you sit idle and do nothing you will feel all the more bloated and your gastric problem will increase.So exercise daily and half your problems will be sorted.

Sleep well during pregnancy and wear comfortable clothes.Do not wear anything too tight around your waist.It may cause immense discomfort during pregnancy.Also maintain a good posture while you sleep, sit, or stand.

If you do not feel relieved by following these points then consult your doctor.If you take care of these small things then you can deal with gastric problem during pregnancy.