Genetic Tests To Predict Your Child’s Future

Genetic Tests To Predict Your Child's FutureEvery parent is quite inquisitive about their child’s future, they want to know whether their child will be an athlete or is there any risk of major illness which he will suffer from. All these questions keep on ringing in their minds and they want to predict or have a peep into their child’s future just to ensure that he is safe.

But there are many tests which have been developed by scientists after a thorough research which can predict various things about your child’s future. You might be surprised but this is reality there are many tests which have come out of research labs and being used for predicting or knowing about your child’s future in various developed countries like USA, Europe and in India too.

These tests are so well designed that even they can predict or tell that what kind of diseases your child will suffer from or has the risk of suffering from at various ages in his life time. But some scientists are of the view that the results given by these tests are not 100 % correct. But then too there are many genetic tests which are quite popular amongst parents to know about the risk factors in their child’s life.

Know the Life Span with a Test

You might be shocked to learn that a simple blood test is able to tell the life span of your child. If you think that it has something related to astrology then you got it completely wrong, these are genetic related blood tests which help in predicting the future age of your child. Moreover the biological age of the child is different from the astrological age. It might happen that you are 20 years old but due to your lifestyle your biological age might be around 30 years.

Procedure for Detecting the Biological Age

This is a completely unique and new genetic test where with the help of telomeres we try to predict the age. These telomeres are located at one end of the chromosomes of the child and with the help of these genetic tests the scientist correlates the length of these telomeres with the biological age of the child.

As we grow our cells start multiplying and with the multiplication of the body cells the chromosomes also multiply this causes the shortening of the length of the telomeres with each multiplication of the cells.  Thus as our age increases the length of the telomeres decreases and they start becoming shorter with age. It is not only the age which can be predicted with the help of telomeres, we can know about the possible diseases which your child can catch in future. These tests are not available in India right now.

Plan a Pain-Free Delivery with Genetic Tests

Being a mother or motherhood makes a woman complete but on the other hand it is followed by unbearable pains too when she undergoes labour pains. The labour pains are very agonizing and excruciating for every woman although the result of these pains is very sweet in the form of a baby.

These days modern science has started using Epidurals for relieving women of these agonizing pains during labour , but it is very difficult for the doctor to predict that at what time what would be the intensity of the pains. That is why epidurals are not also very effective in saving women from these intolerable pains, because the dose for epidurals cannot be planned in advance.

The degree of these pains and the timing is unpredictable, but now a simple blood test can tell or forecast the intensity and the timing of the labour pains this technique has been founded by a doctor in K.K. Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Singapore. Thus it has become easier for not only planning your child future but giving birth has also become easier with such tests.

Procedure for Predicting The Intensity of Labour Pains

According to professor Sia in Singapore’s hospital anybody’s tendency to react or bear pain depends upon the genetic construction and species of the person. With the help of blood test we can find the genetic construction of the pregnant mother and with the help of computer we can easily find out the intensity of pains and the timing too. This technique works on uniquely designed software and with the help of this software we can easily administer the proper dosage of pain killers and epidurals to the pregnant woman and at the right time too.

Detect the Child’s Diseases in Future

There is another genetic test which is quite popular amongst the parents who want to predict their child’s future and want to play safe and that test is known as ‘Spit Kit’. In this test with the help of a DNA test it is predicted that what kind of diseases you child is likely to suffer in future.

Procedure for Predicting The Diseases in Future

In this test the saliva secreted from the mouth is used for performing the test and that is why it is known as Spit Kit. This saliva tells about whether your child ahs the risk of suffering from heart problems, diabetes, or dementia.

Predicts Your Child’s Future with Genetic Test

Advance genetic Research has been successful in finding out that what your child is likely to become in near future. This includes everything related to your child’s future from his smartness quotient to becoming a player or an athlete in future, personality of your child and even the looks can also be predicted. Mainly the parents are more concerned about knowing whether their child can become an athlete or not.

Procedure Used For Predicting The Future

In this test genetic test a small swab from the skin inside the child’s mouth is taken and then DNA is extracted from this piece of skin. In this procedure with the help of ACTN3 genes the efficiency of the muscles of the child’s body is found. If the gene shows a fast twitching of the muscles then it is predicted that the child has the quality of becoming a fast sprinter.

In India also such tests are used for predicting the future of the child. But some experts think that any successful athletes has to be mentally more strong and should possess the skill of taking instant decision to be successful and genetic composition hardly plays any role in being a famous sprinter. So after knowing about all these genetic tests why not go for a painful delivery and plan a secure and safe future for your child.