Gentle Care for the Newborn

When the baby is born, its skin is very gentle and soft, and it needs to be taken care of in a proper manner. It is very tender and can hurt easily, so you will have to be extremely gentle while caring for the baby. When you take the baby home, you often wonder how to clean the baby. It is something no one tells you. Your baby is usually always alright in the hospital in the care of the nurses, but more often than not the problems start to occur once you have brought the baby home.

The baby’s eyes should be cleaned with a clean swab of cotton wool dipped in clean water, preferably boiled, usually no other care if required. Occasionally you might find excessive tear formation in one eye, which is otherwise healthy and will not get stuck with yellowish secretion in the morning. This happens because the passage from the eyes to the nose for the tears to flow out is narrow. Occasionally it becomes blocked in babies, causing excessive tears to flow in the eyes. You can help unblock the passage by gently massaging with your fingers from the inner corner of the baby’s eyes down the side of the nose two or three times a day. If there is any sticky discharge, first clean the eyes with cotton swabs boiled in a little water and then use eye drops that your doctor prescribes.

Another good way to protect your baby’s eyes and keep them clean is to use breast milk as eye drops. Breast milk is very pure and contains many antibodies that will help cure almost all problems, including conjunctivitis. You can safely use this for your baby. Only, make sure to sterilise the dropper and bowl you will be using.

The baby’s urine is also very effective in helping get rid of eye problems. It is very pure as the child is only drinking breast milk. It will cause no burning or irritation in the eye. Whether you are using breast milk or the baby’s urine, you do not need to consult a doctor. This is safe and has no side effects.