Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Pregnancy stretch mark is one of the most concerned problems that is being talked about women all across the world. Almost eight out of ten women get stretch marks during their pregnancy and this problem is really tough to handle, as they do not go on their own and look really ugly. It actually becomes a big problem to wear the clothes of your choice after pregnancy if you get stretch marks. But do not worry as you can treat them at home and yes, it may take long but you can get rid o them completely with time.

To start with, it is very important that you start the treatment as early as possible. When you get stretch marks do not just waste time but start immediately to cure them as the more longer they stay untreated, the more stubborn they get.

The most appropriate way to treat pregnancy stretch marks is; massaging. Olive oil and moisturizers with cocoa butter are really great for this problem. Fifteen minutes massage every day is a big must or else you would not be able to get the results. If it is not possible for you to reach that part of the body that needs to be treated then you can ask your hubby or your mom or your sister to do that for you.

Vitamin C tablets if taken thrice daily will help a lot but this has remedy works when you start the treatment at an early stage only when the marks are fresh and soft. Self tanners are again very efficient in curing stretch marks, But do not just buy any tanner that you find available in the market, ask your doctor to prescribe you a good one.

Micro dermabrasion is one another way to for erasing the stretch marks on the body. This process is sure to give you the desired results as in this process, blowing crystals polishes your skin and new skin layer forms removing all the stretch marks of your body. In very extreme conditions, you can go for laser treatment and glycolic peeling. These are a bit expensive but the results are amazing.