Get To Know About Pregnancy Weekly

For those going to be mothers it is essential to know about pregnancy week by week as it will be useful for them in many ways. The initial stages of pregnancy are a phase of apprehension and trepidation.

But it is quite essential to know about the basics of pregnancy as it will help to monitor the pregnancy and settle down since it is a weekly process. This knowledge helps to experience the physical changes and the incessant mental situations which can be stressful.

The fact is that no one knows that the pregnancy period begins even before the lady conceives! According to the biological developments, the long nine months of pregnancy can be broken into phases of just three months. If observed clearly, in the first three weeks the women remain unaware of the changes within the body.

It is only during the fourth week that makes a mark of the elaborate work going inside the body. This is when the women start to have a feel of morning sickness. This is considered to be the beginning sign of pregnancy. The trickiest weeks are the fifth and sixth week because it is only then that the crucial events take place such as commencement of heartbeat, formation of embryo’s head and many more.

It is only during the tenth week, it is no more an embryo but a baby, because only then the sexual organs of the baby is present. Once the first trimester ends, the muscular structure of the baby is complete. The morning sickness begins to reduce only after the initial two months. Once the morning sickness turns down, the appetite automatically increases.

Since the first trimester deals with the formation of organs, the second trimester is all about utilization. Some of the movements in the fourteenth week like swallowing, sucking and breathing make the baby active. In the forth coming weeks the women can even realize some of the baby’s kicks.

Since the uterus moves up, this makes the women evidently pregnant. It is quite common that during this time, the pregnant lady urinates less. It is possible to hear the baby’s heartbeat in the 21st week using a stethoscope. It is to be kept in mind that the baby’s health depends on the mother’s diet.

So the mother should take food rich in protein, iron, calcium and vitamins. As the pregnancy progress week by week, the baby attains complete growth and become ready to face the new world.