Getting Back in Shape

While you will be encouraged to put on weight during your pregnancy, you will be left with a lot of excess once you have delivered. It will be a little difficult to get rid of all this weight at once. You will still have to eat very well since you will be feeding the baby. It is important, though, to get back on track with your weight loss soon.
You should be able to get back to working out about six weeks after you have delivered. You will be called in for a check up by the gynecologist around this time, and it is a good idea to ask if you are fit enough to work out again. The time your body needs to recover and your own personal disposition will determine how long you will need before working out. You must seek medical approval before you start working out again if you have had a complicated delivery, or if you have had a caesarian section.

The best way to lose weight is to breast feed the baby.
Those who breast feed their baby are known to lose the largest amount of weight in short spans. This is better than any form of exercise. While the entire process might seem like a very sedentary affair, you are losing more calories than you can imagine while giving your baby it’s nourishment. Do not deny yourself or your baby this wonder, unless you have some medical problem.

The best form of exercise to begin with are the Kegel exercises.
These are important since they will help strengthen the pelvic muscles which are strained the most during the process of child birth. Also, these exercises strain the body little and can even be performed while sitting on the chair.

Kegel exercises involve the tightening and relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles.
This exercise can be performed in any position, and can also be tried by stopping the flow of urine and then relaxing the muscles after a few seconds. It is good to do these exercises about four of five times a day, doing a set of twenty each time. This is a good exercise to help build up the muscles again, make sure that you do not have a problem of incontinence, and also make sure you enjoy a healthy sex life as well.

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