Getting Kids to Clean Their Room

Untidy room with toys, books spread all across the room, annoys every parent. Over and above it becomes all the more difficult task to get the room cleaned by their kids.Nagging; shouting and giving instructions to them do not solve the problem.

Even if they do, this remains a temporary solution. The main objective of parents should be to develop the habit of cleaning their room after play.

So,the best way to get the things done by them is by approaching them in a friendly way and helping them in cleaning up their room. In other words, proper planning helps kids to develop the habit.

When clearing the clutter, parents must join their kids and help them. They must involve them and act as a team while cleaning the room. Parents must divide the entire task into small-small manageable tasks and assign their kids the smaller tasks of their choice and preference. This helps the kids to learn the process of cleaning the room.

Parents must provide enough space for all the essential and important things in kid’s room. There must be separate place for different things and must label them too to avoid confusion.

This helps the kids to be more independent in handling their things like toys, books, games etc and simultaneously keeping them back in place after playing. Thus, this also reduces the chances of gathering clutter all around the room.

Even if they gather clutter, parents can always guide them and encourage them to keep their things back .In addition to this, the space should be within the reach of their kids.

Parents are role models of their kids. They observe even the most minute things or activities of their parents and follow it.So; parents must set themselves as example before their kids. They must be always supportive and motivate them for cleaning their room or house.

Cleaning room should be made a fun activity rather than a punishment for kids. Giving rewards, points etc encourages them to clean their room. This helps them to associate cleaning of their room as fun and accomplishment.

It’s entirely in the hands of parents on how they get their work done through them. By understanding them and providing them constant support and motivation, parents can help their kids to realize the need to keep their room clean and how.

Raka Raghuvanshi