Getting Pregnant for the First Time: Know the Telling Signs and Symptoms

You must have read or heard from your friends about the many signs and symptoms of pregnancy. It is quite understandable for women getting anxious about getting pregnant for the first time. A pregnancy test can put to rest all your doubts and concerns about being pregnant.

However, it will be helpful for you to know the following signs and symptoms of early pregnancy. If you experience any or several of these, it is time for you get a pregnancy test done.

The most glaring sign of pregnancy is a missing period. This is quite a telling sign for women who have regular and punctual ovulation cycle. For those who have a history of missed or irregular periods, it is not the ideal yardstick. Absence of period thereby is the earliest sign of pregnancy. Just to confirm that you are pregnant, buy a home pregnancy test kit.

Once a woman conceives, there will so many changes going through inside her body. The results of these hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy can also be observed and read into to predict pregnancy.

Tiredness and exhaustion during pregnancy is commonly experienced by many women as the body begins the arduous task of creating a new life. This is why it is essential not to overwork and get rest as much as possible.

Feeling nauseous is again another indicator that you are pregnant though some women altogether skip this stage in early pregnancy. Again, you may find many things repulsing. If suddenly, you want to skip going to the grocery store, you may consider buying a pregnancy kit.

Many women also suffer from icky smell problem in their initial stage of pregnancy. This stage will wear off gradually and you will even more hungry than before. Now you want to grab everything in sight as the body requires extra calories for the new life taking form.

The body temperature is also quite irregular and different in the early stage of pregnancy. If you feel hot or warm when everyone is wearing a pullover or you feel cold when others are under the fan, it is again another telling indicator of pregnancy. Lastly, breast slightly getting bigger and painful can also predict pregnancy.