Getting Ready For Motherhood

Getting Ready For MotherhoodThe biological clock has spoken. After years of working and partying hard, you are now ready to be triumphantly, contentedly, glowing pregnant.

You are already fantasizing about that little bump that will change your life. But there are other bumps along the way you need to be prepared for too. It takes a bit of intelligent planning ensure your pregnancy is smoothing secure and stress free. With the anxiety and excitement of starting a family, it’s easy to lose focus. This article will help you put together a handy to-do list before the hormones completely take over!

Your health

Stress is the best of birth control Identify your stressors and try to avoid them before you try to conceive. Is road rage a part of mornings? Find a slower but more peaceful way to commute. Are you and your husband having ugly fights over money? See a counselor or a financial planner and resolve the cause of stress.

Your doctor will prescribe a daily supply of folic acid, vitamins, iron and calcium to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Adequate folic acid prevents any birth defects in the baby. Calcium supplements will ensure that your bones and teeth remain strong.

Reality Talk to a Doctor

Certain lifestyle conditions can affect your pregnancy. This doesn’t mean you cant conceive, but you will have to be extra diligent. Speak to your doctor especially if you have issues like high blood pressure, obesity or diabetes. In case you have had miscarriages, you may need to take extra progesterone after ovulation, to decrease the chances of another miscarriage. Also avoid cigarettes and alcohol, to ensure a smooth, obstacle free pregnancy.

Check if the genes fit

Some communities are prone to having genetic disorders like thalassaemia and Duchene’s muscular dystrophy. Certain genetic tests can be done before pregnancy and others once you are pregnant.

Go through your medicine chest/box

Many medicines that are otherwise safe may be harmful to the unborn child and need to be taken only after consulting the doctor. These include antibiotics, painkillers, antidepressants and anti epilepsy medication.

Your Career

There is no rule that states you have to tell your employer about your baby plans. However, keeping them posted will ensure trust and transparency in your professional relationship. And it will ease the way if you suddenly require any kind of support from the organization.

There are organizations that offer sabbaticals and work from home options to women. So even if you take a break from work, the gap in your employment history won’t be counted against you. However, be prepared for a tough bargain and negotiate smart when applying for a new job.

The Maternity benefits Act of 1961 allows you the following privileges’:

You are entitled for 84 days of leave, which can be six weeks before and six weeks post delivery. You also have the option of clubbing the two. If you have a miscarriage, you are eligible for six weeks leave. You are to be paid full salary when you are on maternity leave. You cannot be retrenched and your services cannot be terminated during your course of maternity leave.

By and large, most companies are supportive of mothers-to-be. Since you know yourself best, you can later decide if you can manage yourself from home some additional work or some exciting short term assignment. Later, how successful you are in juggling between work and motherhood will depend upon the support system you have at home.

Your Finances

Now you are going to have to make some informed sacrifices. This is the time to focus on making yourself financially independent, because you might need to take an unpaid break. Get and investment planner if you need , and start with monthly investments. Most banks offer Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs).

Get Medical Insurance:

Are you covered for medical benefits by the company you work for? If not, or if you are unemployed, then take a medical policy that covers maternity benefits. This usually needs to be done two to four years before you get pregnant. Read the fine print to find out what the eligibility criteria and waiting periods are. Many health insurance policies do not offer maternity benefits at all, so don’t be conned into taking one that does not meet your needs.

Factor in the Added Expenses:

Now that a new responsibility is supposedly coming your way, you must understand the same and factor this as an added expense for lifetime. Starting a family is just not about care and love but also to provide your child with all necessary things in life. For this, you should try and manage your finances by avoiding extra and unwanted expenses, investing in child plan options available and trying to save money for the future.

The Message

In conclusion, one must recognize this that with a new born at home, comes a lot of responsibilities and duties. From understanding small day to day needs to judging the overall picture, is very important.  Also, this added duty should not be taken as a stress or a pressure, instead one should enjoy this phase. In being a parent, at every phase a child needs the care and love of his parents, one should ensure that he is able to give the same.

The first step for such an activity is taking care of activities done before conceiving. Also enjoying the pregnancy time, being relaxed and calm and remaining stress free is imperative. Both the partners must take care of each other in order to stand is the pillar of support for each other.

In no circumstances, partners should leave each other alone or stop feeling the need of responsibility towards each other or towards the new borne baby.  At last, motherhood is just not the realization of the mother itself, but of both the partners – the husband as well as the wife. Together, they can surely help in beginning with a family that is healthy, happy and together.

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