Getting Ready For Newborn Baby Bath

Having a newborn child in the house can cause a lot of anxieties for the parents since the child is very delicate. Every little action has to be carefully monitored to ensure that your baby remains healthy.

This is why bathing a newborn baby can often cause worry to parents. However, getting ready for the first baby bath is not as difficult as most parents anticipate. Babies often enjoy having baths since the water is soft on their skin and feels similar to living in the womb. It is also a bonding experience between parent and child.

All parents need to be careful about is how they bathe their newborn. Till about two to three weeks after the birth, it is best to use a soft wet cloth or sponge to give a bath. One can use very mild baby soap as well.

Parents should gently dampen the skin using the cloth or sponge and then rub in a small amount of soap with another wet cloth. The soap should not come near the eyes or the ears, since they are still in a delicate stage. Next, wipe away the soap with the cloth or sponge and immediately wrap the baby in a soft and warm towel.

When the baby is closer to six weeks in age, one can start using water directly for a baby bath. The first baby bath with water is best done in a small bathtub full of warm water. This small tub should never be left unattended when the baby is in it. At the same time, it should be placed on a level area which is completely stable. When bathing a baby, make sure the head is supported in a firm manner at all times.

The room in which you are giving the first baby bath should be warm and without any draughts. A cold environment can easily lead to a cold or the flu. After you have wrapped the baby in a towel, it is best to apply mild baby lotion on the skin to keep it soft.

After you have given the first baby bath, it is not necessary to bathe the child every day. The skin on a child is quite sensitive and has its own natural oils that keep it clean. it is best to restrict baths to every fortnight.