Getting Rid Of Baby Acne

Babies are prone to skin allergies and rashes, since they are just beign exposed to the weather and pollutants. Some babies develop rashes that look little little red pimples on their face, this rash usually erupts in the first few weeks of their birth and is mostly triggered by the mother’s hormones and usually go away on their on.

Here are few tips that may help you get rid of these baby acne sooner.

Topical Medication

Baby ace creams that contain a light amount of benzoyl peroxide or tropical tetinoin can be applied on the rash. Remember to apply just a dab of this product and not spread it all over your baby’s face.This may not only not get rid of the acne but may worsen it.

Care while bathing

Do not try to wash away the rash by vigorous scrubbing.Be gentle with the baby while cleansing him or her, use soaps that are specially formulated for you baby’s skin.You can use some antiseptic drops in the water so that the rashes dotn spread further. Do not apply too much moisturiser of baby powder on the acne, again it’ll worsen them

Talk to you pediatrician

They are the best people to approach for any baby related problem, after all they have spend years trying to specialise and learn more about infant illness and their cures. They’ll mostly ask you to wait it out and let the acne go by itself, but if it is creating an hinderance to your baby in anyway then they will may give your child any medicines to be taken orally.

Be Patient

It is best to let nature take its course and the acne goes away on itself, most babies have infant acne and they go away on their own too.Just follow the normal hygiene routine with your baby, prodding and pricking on the acne may just worsen it. It may take couple of months for the acne to go away on its own, but it’ll definitely subside.

Do not worry and fret,just keep in mind not to let your baby fidget with the eruption, trim his or her nails regularly. If you feel that the rashes are spreading or the acne is getting is better, consult your child doctor before giving them any oral or topical medicine. Baby acne is very common and you are not alone, you can talk to your mom and for all you know you too must have gone through the same phase.

Meera M.Das