Getting Rid Of Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are those streaks or lines which appear in the skin, usually in the later stages of pregnancy. These marks may continue to linger on even after pregnancy. Stretch marks occur when the skin changes shape too quickly .

In the case of pregnancy, the skin in the abdomen expands largely to accommodate the growing baby and shrinks back after the delivery which contributes very much to the formation of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are usually seen to fade away after some months of the delivery. But in some women stretch marks continue to remain even after the delivery of the baby. This can mostly be due to hereditary factors as well as the nature of the body. The best way to deal with stretch marks is to prepare for their prevention even before they start appearing.

A well balanced and a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables should be taken during pregnancy. Include foods in your diet which supplies plenty of magnesium, zinc and vitamin C. These help in improving the elasticity of the skin. Drink plenty of water and always keep yourself hydrated Start applying moisturizer to your belly even as early as the fourth month of pregnancy. Moisturize about three to four times a day.

Moisturizing hydrates the skin making it more flexible. Make sure the creams and moisturizers you use are rich in Vitamin E and cocoa butter. There are a lot of chemical anti stretch marks creams available in the market. But it is wise not to use these creams without the prescription of your doctor, as the way your body will react to the chemicals can’t be predicted.

There are many other methods of stretch mark removal available Laser therapy is another option available to get rid of stretch marks after delivery of the baby. Chemical peels and other cosmetic surgery procedures are also available for stretch mark removal. But these methods are very costly and are often used as the last resort of treatment.

Appearance of stretch marks is a common phenomenon seen during pregnancy. There is no need to worry unnecessarily about it. Instead take care of yourself pretty well and follow a healthy diet. This will not only help in lessening the formation of stretch marks but will also make their removal a very easy process.