Gifts for Pregnant Wife

Many men love to take care and pamper their wives when they are expecting. However, when it comes to ideas on how to make their wives feel good they are at a loss. All women like to be taken care of and a pregnant woman will appreciate that more.

You don’t have to look for occasions to pamper your wife; all the days of these nine months are a cause of celebration to her. But that does not mean you have to indulge her by buying expensive gifts every day. a few surprises every now and then are enough to keep your pregnant wife happy.

Many women start worrying about the changes that their bodies undergo from the second trimester onwards. at a critical moment like this you can help your wife feel good about herself by booking her for a day spa. Here she will be given a royal treatment that would include facial, manicure, pedicure, trendy hair styling and even a pregnancy massage. She will not only look good but also feel good.

Many pregnant women suffer from swollen feet. You can relive some of the discomfort by giving her a foot massage at home. If that isn’t your forte, buy her a foot massage machine and help her get a nice and relaxing foot massage.

As pregnant women undergo hormonal changes their skin also changes for better or worse. This is the best time to buy her lotions, creams, body washes and gels that are especially formulated for pregnant women. The oils present in these products help ease the itching skin and prevent stretch marks.

An expanding tummy makes it difficult for a woman to sleep on her back and impossible to sleep on her stomach. The only idle sleeping position is lying on the left side. you can make this position comfortable for her by gifting her a body pillow. This will be especially beneficial if your wife was a stomach sleeper as it will prevent her from accidently rolling on her tummy while sleeping.

Surprise you wife by cooking her favourite dishes or ordering them from outside. Take a day off every month of the pregnancy and help your wife with the household chores. You can employ a maid to take care of all this but a little help from you will go a long way in making your wife happy with you.

Anubha Pandey