Girls Birthday Party Themes – Make Your Daughter Feel Special

Your daughter’s birthday is coming up. And you’re considering having a girls birthday party theme for the occasion. There isn’t a single mom who wouldn’t freak out just a little. Many reasons why that could happen – It’s a party! It’s a girl’s party! And it’s your daughter who’s the girl!

You have options available. You can do it yourself if you consider yourself a planner and organizer. Or you can have a professional part organizer take care of it.

The idea behind having a girl’s birthday party theme is to keep the hassles to a minimum while at the same time show everybody a time they can remember, especially the birthday girl.

First things that need attention, once you have selected a theme, is to arrange for invitations based on the guest list (if any). Invitation to the birthday girl’s friends should be sent out first, and make sure every friend has been invited.

Information about the theme and any other useful information should be clearly mentioned on the invitation cards. Details like date, venue, theme, attire for the theme, and RSVP must all be included.

Girls’ birthday party themes usually revolve around fairy tale stories and magic. Fables and tales like Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella are big crowd pullers. Guests are required to dress up as characters from these stories. While the birthday girl herself should dress up as the lead character.

The whole venue must vibrate with life from these stories; the environment, the characters, the looks – all should be included. The better the detail, the better the experience will be.

Everything from catering to games must be aligned as one single theme. Themes don’t really cost a lot. And if they do, try and make your own themes. Because certain themes are popular, props and costumes are readily available.

To complete the girls birthday party theme circle, have gifts that reflect the theme. Make sure that the gift is what the birthday girl needs and wants though.

A girl’s birthday party should be sweet, fun, and with lots of girl stuff. Depending on their taste, choose colors for the event accordingly. Something the birthday girl really has a taste for.

Include music too. Either as games or a short 10-minute performance, music and acts are intellectually stimulating. A girl should always be able to remember her birthdays as one of her most cherished memories.