Giving Birth to Twins

Giving birth to a baby is quiet a daunting task. It becomes all the more difficult when you are going to give birth to twins. Having twins literally means double the effort you need to put in during and even after the pregnancy. But one must not forget, having twins also means double the enjoyment.

Many couples get all panicky once they come to know that they are going to have twins. Managing one baby at a time is very difficult, which makes managing two babies all the more difficult. So, it is but obvious that anyone will get a bit perplexed after hearing about the twin baby arrival. But don’t worry, as you are not the only one having twin babies.

There are many couples all around the world who have twins all the time. You can collate some information from the net about the twin babies. In addition, you can also meet and discuss about your issues and concerns with other couples having twin babies. Twin babies are generally considered term at 37 weeks. Most of the twins are born in 37 weeks itself as opposed to 38-40 weeks in normal condition. This makes the twin babies all the more sensitive and vulnerable during the delivery process.

There are many people who feel that the delivery of twins is doubly difficult than delivery of a single baby. However, that is so not true. Infact delivery of the twins is easier, due to their tiny size. Twins have low weight, since they are born little too prematurely. Uterus is so stretched during the twin pregnancy, that it ultimately causes early trigger of labour.

Delivery can be of 2 types, normal and c-section. If you are pregnant by twins, the kind of delivery that you are going to have depends on the baby’s position in the womb. If your baby is in head down position, than it will be a normal delivery. If one or both the babies are breech (head up), than you have to compulsorily go for a caesarean. However, most of the doctors feel that twins birth should be planned at 37-38 weeks either by C-section or by forced labor. But statistics show that almost half of the twins are born vaginally.

Giving birth to twins can actually be considered as twice the miracle of god. Taking care of two babies at the same time is never an easy task. However, you can ask your mother or a friend to support and help you in raising the babies. If your partner is working, ask him to help you as much as he can. You can also hire a full time nurse who will help you in taking care of the babies.