Good Food Habits in Children

Feeding children can be quite difficult. Most children are fussy and somehow do not like anything that is made at home. This needs to dealt with correctly. Children need to understand that they need to eat well and eat at the correct times and not waste food.

There should be fixed meal times for your child. Besides the regular breakfast, lunch and dinner; the child can eat a mid morning fruit as well as a snack between four and five in the evening. If your child snacks before his meals then he is likely to sit on the table and tell you that he is not hungry.

This will cause a vicious circle and he will eat less and again tell you after an hour that he is hungry. This must be stopped immediately. If your child does not finish his meal and then says he is hungry do not give him anything. Just tell him all the food is over.

If he refuses to eat at the correct time send him to his room and let him be hungry. Do not give him food later on till his next meal. Nothing will happen to your child if he misses a meal. This will help you later on and the child will realize that if he does not eat at the correct time and does not eat enough he will not get anything else.

Tell them that they will be allowed to eat chocolates and ice creams only once a week and make sure this practice is followed even when you go out to a friend’s place.

Children can drive you mad when you try and feed them. Most mother’s complain that their kids don’t eat well. These tips will guarantee that your kids will eat and not snack on junk in between meals. If the child is very hungry in the evening let him have a glass of milk with some fruits. Make sure that whatever he eats does not affect his food at dinner.

Children also often play around with their food and waste time. Set time limits and if they are not done by then ; take the plate away and let them stay hungry till the next meal. Regularly doing this will ensure that within a week your child’s food habits will improve.