Good Parenting Means Connecting Emotionally With Your Child

Where do we learn  parenting from? One is not aware of any parenting tutorials or classes that helps parents take crash courses or exams in parenting. We all were children at one stage. It therefore follows that we learn a lot about parenting from our parents.The way we bring up our child is influenced a lot by the way we ourselves were brought up. Subconsciously we begin to emulate our parents in dealing with our children.While this may not be true in all the cases, it is an established fact, verified by numerous research papers done on parenting.

So what happens if you had a bad childhood? Would that mean that your child would face the same issues that you were forced to face as a child? The answer is obviously no. Your child should surely deserve a better, emotionally secure childhood than yours.

Good parenting skills does not come from books or parenting videos. They may help you understand the basics a little better. However, parenting is an emotion that comes from the core of one’s heart. It comes from observing the behavior of your child carefully and responding to their needs and emotions correctly. It comes from little experiences that everyday of bringing up your child  teaches you.

Experts on the matter say that one of the best way to deal with a child who has a difficult temperament is to listen to all that they have to say without thrusting your own opinion on them. Constantly remind the child that you are there for them and make them aware that they have your complete support. Deal with their mistakes gently but firmly, so that they are aware of what constitutes right and what is wrong. Do not give in to every tantrum,but gently divert mind to other issues without reprimanding or sounding harsh. Finally, be a good role model to your child.

Many parents believe that parenting means keeping a constant vigil on the child. While paying attention to the overall behavior of the child is definitely a good sign, overdoing it is certainly not advisable. The child needs to develop their own ways of handling day to day situations. They must be given the freedom to develop their own thoughts. They must be given their own free space where they can enjoy their fantasies and create their own beautiful world.