Great Birthday Party Ideas For Teen

Great Birthday Party Ideas For TeenPlanning a birthday party for a teen can be a challenging task for most parents. This is because a teen birthday party idea needs to be approved by both the parents and the teenagers concerned.

However, the good thing about birthday party ideas for teens is that you can have more freedom with your ideas than when you are planning a birthday party for your kids. However there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before planning a birthday party for your teen.

The kind of birthday party you want throw would depend on several factors such as the number of teens that you would be inviting, the location of the party, whether the party will be co-ed, would it be an overnight party and so on. You would also need to decide whether to call in professionals to help with the organization of the party. All of these factors will depend on the budget that you have estimated for hosting the party.

A teen birthday party can be made a lot of fun if you plan carefully and make it interesting. Include different kinds of games, dancing, singing, and other fun activities to make the party for your teen more enjoyable. The following article will elaborate on the several ideas that you can use to plan a birthday party ideas for teens.

Themes and Ideas For Teen Birthday Parties

One of the most popular ways to start planning the birthday party of a teenager is to decide on a theme. Themed parties are more enjoyable for teens because it gives them the opportunity to dress up according to the theme and there are also games related to theme and so on.

Indoor Party Ideas

There are various kinds of themes for teen birthday parties that you can choose from such as a scavenger hunt party, a murder mystery party and so on. In a murder mystery party, the teens have to play a game where they solve the mysterious murder of one of their friends. It is a great game where role playing is involved and the teens have a fun time looking for clues.

For planning a party with this theme, you will need to plan fake clues all around the house and make things interesting so that the teens really have to put their minds to solve the mystery. The scavenger hunt theme for a birthday party ideas for teens is slightly different from the murder mystery theme. In this theme, you need to hide different kinds of objects as treasures all around the house and the children have to hunt for them. The teens who come across these objects first, get to keep them.

Another great indoor party theme is a Hollywood party. In this birthday party, the teens can come dressed as their favorite Hollywood stars and dress up in glamorous outfits. You can serve sophisticated finger foods and fancy foods in keeping with the theme.

Outdoor Party Ideas

If your teen’s birthday falls on a time of the year when there is an occasion or an event, then you can include this as your themed party idea. For instance, if the birthday of your teen falls on Halloween, then you can decorate your house as a haunted house or a haunted forest. You can ask the teens to dress up in masks and costumes. Put white sheets in suspicious corners to make ghosts and so on.

Outdoor Party Ideas

Another popular birthday party theme is a bonfire party. For hosting a birthday party on this theme, you need to have an outdoor space such as a backyard or the beach where you can arrange the bonfire. The teens can sit around the bonfire and play different kinds of games, roast marshmallows and so on. You can also create a space for dancing where the teens can enjoy themselves.

A luau party is another very popular birthday party ideas for teens. For planning this party, you can make your own luau in your backyard. To complement the luau, you can have supplies of pineapple, coconut, punch and other tropical foods. Like the bonfire party, you can also create a space for dancing for the teens to have fun.

Finally, another great outdoor party theme is a talent show party. In this party, the teens need to show off their talents such as dance moves, singing, hoola hooping and so on. This birthday party idea is an extremely enjoyable and fun one.

Craft Party Ideas

Another teen birthday party idea involves fun activities with craft ideas. For instance, you can plan a beading party where the teens can make jewelry out of beads using threads, wire, tools, and charms and so on. The only thing to keep in mind regarding this party is the fact that it is suitable for girls only.

A second craft party idea is a tie and dye party where you can decorate your party location in brightly colored cloth, curtains and so on. It is similar to a retro theme and you can include lava lamps and hang flowers. The teens can also come dressed in retro costumes.

Luxury Party Ideas

If your teens are 17 to 19 years old, then they will be increasingly becoming interested in consumer items and lifestyles such as spas, makeovers, and so on. Among great birthday party ideas for teens are a makeover party, a spa party and a limo party. For organizing these parties you may need the help of professional services. For the spa party for instance, you can book a spa date for the teens and yourself and indulge in the services offered.

Among some other birthday party ideas for teens are sports parties, movie parties, dance parties, favorite decade parties, cooking parties, slumber parties, laser tag parties and so on.

Whatever the theme or the idea around which you want the birthday party to focus, you need to make sure that will be interactive, fun and enjoyable for the teens. You have to carefully choose the theme according to the age group of your offspring and his or her friends.