Great Maternity Dresses For Work

Maternity Dresses For WorkIf you are pregnant and working, you may well be fighting a losing battle with your wardrobe. Your clothes will not only be snug, but you will also be vastly limited with the number of clothes you can actually wear.

This can be quite perplexing for working women especially if your company has a strict work wear ethic. In order to stick to your office dressing decorum and still stay comfortable, here are some great maternity dresses for work. These are not only chic and stylish but also do a great job in hiding your baby bump without making it look too obvious or apparent.

Great Maternity Dresses For Work

Empire Cut Dresses

If your office encourages western wear, go to a reputed maternity wear store and invest in 3-4 empire cut dresses in sober colours like grey, navy blue and black. The dark colours not only disguise your belly and make you look slim but also look flattering.

The empire cuts are designed to make the dress flair from just underneath your breasts, which means you, will not have tight waistlines pinching your burgeoning belly.

Choose materials in comfort fits like Lycra, which will expand as your belly grows. Choose dresses, which you can wear until the fag end of your pregnancy. Opt for stylish wedges or moccasins that can be worn as matching footwear.

Wrap Dresses and Skirts

Another option is a wrap dress. These are specially designed for maternity wear. Wrap dresses come with flap that cover your waist. The flaps are cinched at the waist with a loosely tied belt.

Wrap dresses look elegant and comfortable. Alternately, you can also try a wrap around skirt in a formal black or beige and pair them with loosely fitted empire cut tunics and tops for a formal look. Pair them with low-heeled pumps or special maternity sandals by Dr Scholl’s.

Elastic Trousers

International brands like Mother Care are now coming out with maternity denims and trousers that are made of stretch fabric and have large elastic at the waist. The elastic acts as a flap and covers your belly leaving you feeling comfortable.

The trousers are well fitting and snug and come in tapered and straight fits. Some of the designs are so flattering that they replicate normal trousers and an outsider will not be able to make out the difference.


Saris can be a comfortable option especially in the first few months. Most Indian women stick to wearing saris during their pregnancy as fit is never a problem. However, wearing them will be a little difficult in the critical third trimester.

Salwar Kameez

A great option for work wear is a stylish salwar kameez. Opt for well-fitted anarkali kurtas which flair from right underneath your breasts and do an excellent job in hiding the belly.

Most Indian women are opting to wear salwar kameezes especially if your dress code is strictly Indian. They can be worn right till your delivery and soon after even while you are breast-feeding the baby. This is a comfortable work wear option.

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