Growing into a Toddler

You will notice that your infant soon changes to a toddler even before you know it. Gone are the days when your baby will nestle snugly in your arms and feed unconditionally, and then wait patiently to be burped. Your baby will soon learn to get about and be his own person.

Coming to terms with your toddler brings with it a whole range of emotions. Your baby will stop being an extension of you and will gain his own identity. You will feel some happiness and relief that you finally have your own space. This will also bring a sense of loss, you will be used to having your baby around you all the time.

Now that your baby is moving away from you a little, since he is now realising the joys of exploring a new world by crawling and moving around, he will be more demanding. There will be more pain that he will experience from falling and hurting.

He will also need you to be there for comfort and reassurance, when he has done well or badly. The baby will also expand his horizons and learn a lot with every passing day. You should enjoy and appreciate everything the child does.

The child can be difficult, as he is learning about new dimensions of his personality. He will become more trying, wanting to assert his own independence, and also doing as he pleases. Displining and drawing a line is important as a parent, but do not curb his enthusiasm. You must be there to tell him how far he can go, but you should also be able to show him where it stops. At not time should you let the child get the better of you.

Toddlers need a lot of attention as their curiosity will get the better of them. Children who are exploring often do not understand what can be dangerous for them, or what they should stay away from. You should be there to prevent any serious accidents from taking place, and always be there to comfort the child who is hurting.

Always praise their efforts. Children need constant reassurance to know they are doing well. They need positive reinforcement all the time. Also, you will need to be there to guide them when they need direction as well.Although you feel that the child is buzzing with excitement with all the new things they are seeing, you must remember that the whole experience can be very overwhelming for them. They can be very scared with lots of anxiety.

It is very necessary to strike a balance in the upbringing of a toddler – between giving them freedom and holding them back, between indulging them and admonishing. You have a bog role to play here.