Growing Trend of Unusual Baby Names-Are Celebrities Responsible for it

Every couple now a days intend to keep a different and unique name for their unborn child. This has become a sort of trend during the recent times and keeps on growing with every passing day. Gone are the days when couples did not took interest in the newer names for their babies Before, couples used to keep the names of their babies on either their grand parents or just plainly copy the name of some celebrity.

However, now day’s trends have changed for better. John, Mack, Max, Monica have taken a backseat and Suri, Pirate, Moxie, Lola have taken up the lead. Infact celebrities are the pioneers of this changing trend. Most of the celebrities have kept such unusual names for their children that it is impossible to even pronounce their names. And since celebrities are always in public eye, the names of their children are immediately noticed even by a layman. The reason for keeping the unusual name is simple, to be different from the rest. There are few cases where parents actually fall in love with the name.

Following are some of the unusual baby names that the celebrities have kept for their kids:
Name of the celebrity-child name
Jermaine Jackson-Jermajesty
Jason Lee- Pilot Inspektor
Nicholas Cage-Kal-EI
Kajol Devgan-Nysa
Ashley Simpson-Bronx Mowgli
Jennifer Garner-Seraphina
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie- Pax, Maddox, Zahara, Knox and Vivienne.
Bob Marley-Cedella
Sylvester Stallone-Sage Moonblood
Gwyneth Paltrow-Apple
Coutney Cox-Coco
Steven Spielberg-Destry

Out of all the above names, barring a few, the remaining are not only different but bizarre to the core. When you hear names like moonblood, destry, Kal-EI, you might actually wonder that were these celebrities in the right frame of mind when they actually thought of keeping these names for their children. However, unusual baby names are not for celebrities anymore but also for today’s modern parents as well. Now days, parents more often than not intend to keep a different and unusual baby name for their child. They completely shy away from the common names. There could be many reasons for that. It could be due to a present trend that reflects the change in culture from simple names to unique and one of kind names.