Growth in your Toddler

The most important indicator of weight gain in your toddler is an increase in his size. Physical growth is very important in children, and is very reassuring to the parents. It is the only way that you know that you are meeting the child’s needs, since the child will be unable to communicate otherwise. Growth is very rapid in the first year, and your child will grow even if they are fussy and troublesome eaters.

Your baby will start to get more stable in the period between nine and twelve months. This is because they will not be breast fe alone and will have more top feeds. This is also when they start to walk and become more active. You will see a sharp decline in the rate at which the child grows, and it will become marginal with time.

You will notice that the height of your baby will continue to increase with spurts in growth. The periods where the height increases will make the baby look even thinner. Baby fat around the cheeks and legs will start to disappear slowly, and the only sign of fat they will be left with for longer is around the belly.

It is difficult to measure the height and weight of a baby as it is growing becomes more difficult. Children start to get restless and do not like being held down for an examination. However, these are important as they are the only measures that can give us an idea about the growth of the baby.

When checking for growth in the baby, you must keep in mind all the parameters. You cannot only have increasing height, or vice verse. You must keep both in mind. You should also know that the weight will not increase each time you check. You should make sure that the child has eaten a fair amount, is going to the bathroom regularly. You should also make sure that the child is fit and alert. It is important that the child does not fall sick often. These are the more critical indicators of whether the child is growing. It is alright if the child is not gaining much weight each time, as long as he is not losing weight.