Guideline To Right Parenting-Understanding The Child’s Mind

Understanding a child’s  mind is  tougher than  deciphering the Da Vinci code. Child psychology is a subject that is as interesting as much as it is complicated. Each child is born with certain traits, behavioral patterns and abilities that is unique to them. The developmental stages of a child decides its character depending on the type of environment that they are exposed to, the attitude of their parents and their own observations. These traits get a definite shape and direction that determines the mental built up of the child as they grow up.

The latest studies in child psychology throws some interesting facts. It says that the pregnant women can communicate with the child in her womb right from the earliest days of pregnancy. Apparently the child can recognise the voice of the mother from the womb. the reason why a crying baby becomes quiet in the arms of the mother is attributed by psychologists to this ability of the child. The baby experiences a feeling of reassurance when it hears the familiar voice of its mother.This  helps your baby sleep peacefully.

Nurturing of the baby or baby care  involves spending long hours with them, pampering them, looking after their smallest needs and installing in them a sense of security. The development of the child is greatly influenced by the reassurance that parents give to them from time to time in the form of hugs and kisses and sometimes caressing them for no apparent reason.

Some babies are stubborn and prone to throwing temper tantrums. This is actually one of their ways to grab your attention. Babies like to feel wanted all the time. When the parents are away attending to other chores, the baby feels neglected and can create a ruckus by throwing things and screaming at the top of their voice. Such situations should be handled with care. Stubborn babies must not be punished for their behavior. Instead avoid situations that lead to a feeling of neglect.

While all parents want to raise a happy and well behaved child, there is no known formula that can guarantee this. Every parent have contrasting styles and strategies in bringing up their child. Giving the correct response to each and every need of the child is a simple and trusted method to make your child grow into a responsible youth.