A Few Reasons Why Women Have A Guilt Complex In Pregnancy

You wouldn’t want to believe it, but pregnancy induces a whole lot of guilty feelings in a woman. You might want to wonder why a woman feels guilty when she is pregnant.

The reason is her baby. She wants the best for it, but feels she is just not doing enough to take care of it. The reason is very simple. No woman is prepared to handle the sheer number of changes that need to be made during pregnancy. This can be overwhelming and many a times a woman feels guilty about not following these changes as they are meant to be.

Mistakes with medications, especially, prenatal vitamins

This mistake ranks at the very top for most pregnant women. They feel guilty missing their regular dosage of prenatal vitamins. Some women are not able to keep these vitamins down, which makes them feel guilty as hell. The thing about prenatal vitamins is that they are important but not a necessity.

So, it’s important not to get unduly worried if you miss a dose or cant keep a particular dose down. If you are facing problems taking a particular brand of vitamins, see if changing the vitamins helps you keep them down. Avoid the guilt complex as much as possible.

Mistakes with nutrition

Pregnant women need to eat more of something and less of the other. Such changes to the diet are difficult to say the least. Also many women find it difficult to keep up with the nutritional changes because of the effort involved.

The discomfort of pregnancy, her morning sickness and hormonal imbalance taken together with the need to take proper nutrition, makes for a very potent mixture. So, it’s ok if you skip a meal or rustle up something that doesn’t have a lot of nutritional value. It’s ok to eat that piece of cake now and then.

Lots of coffee

Quite a number of mothers to be are addicted to caffeine. Many moms are addicted to their daily cuppa, before they get pregnant. So, it’s difficult to let go. There are conflicting reports about the dangers of drinking coffee during pregnancy.

So, it’s always advisable to drink it in moderation and avoid it if you can. A small cup every other day won’t harm your body. But, it’s always advisable to consult your doctor. These are just some reasons why women feel guilty during pregnancy. At the end of the day, some of the reasons are trivial, so they need to be shown the door.