Hair Coloring During Pregnancy: Is It Safe for You?

Many women use hair dyes to give their hair the perfect hue and look attractive. But when you become pregnant, one of the many advices your physician gives is to avoid hair dyeing during pregnancy. Now you may have to do away with your favorite hair dye for months. But is hair coloring during pregnancy really unsafe? Can it lead to birth defects and delivery complications? In fact, several studies have been conducted in this regard.

But the findings of these researches are not able to prove that hair coloring causes birth defects or pregnancy complications. In the absence of concrete evidences the answer to the query – is hair coloring harmful for pregnant women – may just be in the negative.But then why majority of the health care practitioners do not recommended the use of hair dye during pregnancy? You are being told to avoid hair coloring during the first trimester at least.

Even as there is no evidence to prove the harmful effects of hair dye on pregnancy, there are also no concrete evidences to prove that hair coloring is entirely safe during pregnancy. And as the first trimester is the most vital stage of pregnancy where all the major organs of the baby take form, your doctor does not want you to take chances. Now this explains why he had advised you against using hair dye during the first trimester.

So what is in a hair dye that can probably lead to birth defects? Many hair dye products contain coal tar ingredients. Researches have shown that these ingredients can lead to cancer. Though manufacturers have stopped using these ingredients, the replacements have compounds with structures similar to coal tar. These ingredients get absorbed to the body through the scalp and can possibly harm the baby.

As such, to be on the safer side you may avoid hair coloring at least during the first trimester. Other tips for hair coloring during pregnancy include using gloves while coloring and applying the chemical on the hairs without touching your scalp. You can also use natural hair dyes. Henna is a vegetable hair dye, which is considered safe for pregnant women.