Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Most women suffer from hair troubles after their pregnancy. Hair loss after pregnancy is a very common occurrence.Hair loss occurs when the hair enters the resting stage.
During pregnancy there will be a sudden increase in the hormonal levels in your body.This high activity of hormones will help to keep your hair in the growing phase,and will prevent it from entering the resting stage.

This prevents the falling of hair and thus you will be left with a head full of hair during your pregnancy.

But after pregnancy, the hormonal levels in your body will take a huge dip.This causes the hair to enter its resting stage,thereby leading to its fall out.Thus you will experience an increased rate of hair fall after your delivery.

This annoying issue of hair loss after pregnancy can be tackled by taking proper care of your hair.Here are some steps you can follow so as to protect your tresses.

Avoid hair styles like pigtails and tight braids that will put extra stress on your hair.You should also shampoo and condition your hair at least once a week.You can use a volumising shampoo to pump up your hair.Use of shampoo containing biotin and silica as the main ingredients will help to promote healthy hair growth.

Take .Your diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables as they contain flavanoids and antioxidants which will strengthen your hair follicles.You should completely avoid junk food and also drink plenty of water,fruit juices and milk.

Vitamin deficiency can also cause hair fall.Vitamin B,Vitamin E and zinc are very much important for the healthy growth of your hair.You can try to incorporate these in your diet.

You can also make up for the deficiency by having multivitamin tablets.Of course,do take the advice of your physician before having any vitamin tablets.

You can activate your hair follicles by massaging your scalp gently with your finger tips.Massaging is seen to increase the blood circulation,thereby activating the follicles and thus promoting hair growth.

Be gentle on wet hair and comb it with a wide toothed comb.After drying your hair,brush it starting from the roots up to the tips.This will help in spreading the natural oils in the scalp throughout your hair,thereby preventing hair breakage and hair loss.

By following the above said tips,you can definitely tackle the problem of hair loss after pregnancy.