Handling Childhood Stress

Stress has harmful effect on kids growth and development leaving them with various behavioral changes like becoming introvert, telling lies, bullying as well as affecting their studies.So,its very important for the parents to understand the reasons for their kids stress and tackle the problem at the earliest.

Parents must spend quality time with their kids and develop strong bond with them. They must make themselves available and approachable for their kid’s queries and issues. They must listen to their kids with patience and understand from their point of view. By doing so, kids realize that the best place to share their problems is their parents and so the kids start sharing their concerns.

It’s very important for parents to maintain a happy and peaceful atmosphere at home. Kids must look forward  coming to their home and meeting their parents rather than treating it as a compulsion due to unhealthy family life. Parents must make it a point of not affecting their kids with their family or profession tensions.

They must keep their kids away from financial problems or similar other problems. Even in case of unhappy couples or couples who are planning to separate, they must not create unpleasant atmosphere in front of their kids.

They should seek out their issues or differences in absence of their kid’s .However, it’s always better to inform their kids gradually about separation plans.The basic objective is to provide their kids with safe, secure, dependable home.

Parents must keep a check on the various school and other activities being practiced by their kids. They must make sure that their kids are not overloaded and stressed .Rather they have sufficient time to relax and play.

In academics too, parents must keep a regular check on their performance and should not pass their expectations onto their kids. Their efforts should always be appreciated and encouraged. Building self confidence providing motivation and positive parenting is essential to help kids handle stress in everyday life.

Always keep child informed about any anticipated changes and give certain time to understand and handle the situation. Create awareness about situations like unpleasant desires, unmet desires, death or loss, concern, fear etc.

Selecting and monitoring television programmers which provides entertainment and knowledge for their kids is always a better way of avoiding any fear and anxiety.

Raka Raghuvanshi