Handling Children to Deal With Bullies

Bullying can be defined as an extreme case of teasing. It’s an intentional attitude of harming kids constantly either physically or emotionally or both. It has an adverse effect on kid’s development and hence must be soughed out. Bullied kids must be encouraged by their parents to face this bullying as a challenge and overcome it.However, having said this; kids need the continuous support, attention and guidance to overcome this.

Kids generally when start growing up, stop sharing their issues, talks with their parents. So, it’s always important for parents to maintain a close relationship with their kids so that they always share their feelings with their parents. Parents should also make it a point to show their interest in their kid’s life and ask them about their daily activities and any issues at school or other places.

Kids are bit hesitant and scared towards sharing their bullying problems with their parents.So; parents must listen to their kids issue and provide emotional support to them.

Parents need to build faith and confidence in their kids and provide support to them.They must assure their kids that they are along with them and will surely solve the problem together. A word of praise works wonder to boost up the self confidence and self esteem in such kids.

Kids must be encouraged to avoid going to those places and try to make new friends.Advice your kid to stay cool and hold his anger. Ignorance is the best policy. Parents can even ask their kid to ignore the bullying child remarks rather than reacting. This will make the bullying child repeat it few times and then calming down due to boredom.

In case it still continues, then parents must not take any further risk and should try and meet the school teacher and inform about bullying being practiced and sort out the issue. Meeting and informing bullying child’s parents is also an alternative to sort out the issue.

Bullying has many harmful effect on kids and may lead to serious tragedies. Hence, it’s important for parents to handle it seriously at the earliest through their kids.

Raka Raghuvanshi