Handling Cradle Cap in Children

Lots of babies are born with what is known as a cradle cap. Sometimes it can even come up after a few days of the baby’s birth. This is not dangerous and does not need any immediate attention. It is quite common and of course curable. A cradle can tends to look like a type of dandruff which comes on the baby’s scalp. It actually is a type of crust formation in patshes all around the scalp. It does not fall out of the hair as dandruff does but it also causes no pain to the baby.

However it needs to be dealt with. It is better to avoid putting soap and shampoo on the baby’s hair if he has this condition as it will only dry the scalp further. Use a moisturizing cream and apply it on the scalp at night or put some baby oil at night and wash it off the next day. It will start to soften and you will find that you can actually peel off some of the patches causing no pain or discomfort to the child.

If it is not removed it can begin to feel itchy or even smell after a while. Regular oiling will help the area to soften. It is easiest when removed manually. However you need not scratch your baby’s scalp. Keep the nails short when you are doing it. A good thing would be to gently peel off the patches of the scaly skin on the scalp while you are feeding your baby. He is less likely to resist as he is busy with his feeding schedule. If you can do it regularly you will be easily able to get it all off within just a few days. Do remember to put oil daily if the cradle cap is hard.

Sometimes a cradle cap can come up later in your child’s life and this is harder and more difficult to remove . It is best to ask your  doctor  on how it can be removed as the skin is not as soft as that of an infant. The cradle cap that forms is much harder to touch. So it is better to take care in this case.