Handling Lying Habits In Kids

Lying is a very common behavioral problem in kids. They have their own reasons to lie to their parents. Although kid’s do not lie with wrong intentions but when this is not handled correctly at right time, then this behavior may become a habit and thus turn out to be a serious problem.So, its very important for parents to first understand the basic reason for their kids lying and then handle the issue and help the child to solve the problem.

Parents-kids relationship is based on faith and trust.So; parents must always trust and believe their kids. Small children have their own imagination world and hence they exaggerate things or cook up stories or lie. This is a normal process of their emotional development.So; parents must listen to their kids and must not misunderstand them. In fact, parents must try and explain their kids about the difference between real things and imaginations as well as bad effects of lying.

Peer pressure is also another factor for kids lying. In order, to match with their peer group status, kids start lying. Although such white lies are harmless but when not corrected it may become a habit in kids and may result in loss of trust and faith.So, parents must insist on building high self esteem, honesty and truth in their kids. Parents must also emphasize on the bad impact of lies on our future life.

Generally, parents have high hopes and expectations from their kids. Even sometimes, parents set up rigid rules and regulations for their kids without taking into account their kid’s capability. As a result, when these kids are pressurized and when they are unable to meet those expectations, they start lying to their parents in order to keep them happy. So, it’s important for parents to deal with their kids with lots of understanding, support, healthy attitude and lots of unconditional love.

Kids fear from their parents. When kids do something  wrong they know that they will be scolded and hence out of fear they start hiding the truth by twisting the facts and telling lies.So,parents must not react immediately but in fact they must show patience and understand the reason. They should communicate with their kids to understand their problem.

Parents should set and assign certain limitations to their kids for different situations but at the same time parents must be bit flexible .This means parents, must provide their kids with some probable space or scope for further negotiations. This motivates the kids to behave in required manner and prevents them from lying.

Parents must always communicate with their kids and provide them with opportunities to tell the truth.In fact, parents can practice reward system to encourage their kids to speak truth.

Raka Raghuvanshi