Handling Mood Swings During Puberty

You are really tired. He just does not listen to you anymore or she feels you are always wrong. The behavior of your teens is getting really difficult to accept. You need to understand there is a reason for these mood swings. Your kids are going through hormonal changes in their body because of which they are not able to handle themselves.

It is important to note that sex hormones are produced during puberty, testosterone in boys, estrogen and progesterone in girls. These hormones are responsible for sudden emotional and physical changes and many a time your young child finds it difficult to cope with this sudden change.

As a parent, you must not get angry and react in a way that upsets your child. Understand his feelings let him know that you are there for him no matter what and tell him that you went through the same feelings when you were a teen. Help him to cope with these feelings.

When feeling down, ask him to watch his favorite movie or some TV programme or listen to some music. Try to be supportive and have a warm atmosphere in the house.

Kids with strained home atmosphere may behave very strangely. Do not allow your teen to have junk food, healthy home made food helps combat stress and bad moods. Let them have adequate rest and be at peace with themselves.

Communicate openly about sex and related issues. It is good to let them know early so that they do not fall prey to any bad habits and are well educated about the topic.

Encourage them to remain virgins till they get married as marriage is a holy and sacred bond. Let your children be involved in some activity of their own like some hobby or interest as that will keep them busy for some time.

You can encourage your child to learn music, go out for a walk or do something that makes them feel better.  Remember this is a very important phase, children feel lonely or lost and may end up indulging in drugs or other bad habits if not guided properly so shower all the love on them and take good care of your teen.

Esther Gideon


The author is a postgraduate in business management and is a mother of a four year old and an eight month old.