Handling New Born Babies

New born babies bring lot of joy and happiness in the family. This exciting moment   brings along the responsibility and curiosity among the first time parents. New born babies are very delicate and need to be handled carefully. The thought of handling their new born on their own leaves the parents scared and doubtful.

However, by taking into account some of the basics things, while handling their new born babies will build confidence in the parents and will help them  know that they are handling their baby in the correct and desired manner.

New born babies are easily susceptible to various infections due to their weak immunity system.Hence, parents must clean their hand with an antiseptic soap or use hand sanitizer before touching them. In fact, they should encourage other guests or family members too for this.

Holding new born babies is an art. They have a weak neck area and hence while holding them one must put one of our palms under their neck area to provide proper support while the other hand can be placed under the hip area. This gives the new born enough support and comfort as they find in their mother’s womb and also provides security to the baby.

Milk is the only source of diet for new born. It’s either through breast feeding or formula milk. Mothers should learn the correct way of latching their babies to their breast. They must be sure that their baby is getting the desired amount of their mother’s milk. Mother must encourage their babies to feed from both the breasts. In case of, formula milk, mothers must prepare the milk for their babies as per the doctor’s advice.

They must follow the correct frequency of giving milk to their babies. While feeding through bottle, mothers must hold the bottle in the correct manner. Burping babies, forms an important part of feeding. Hence, after every feed mothers must burp their babies to avoid gastric problems and other stomach problems.

Giving bath is another challenging job for new parents. Before giving bath to their babies, parents must keep all the essential toiletries required .Babies skin being very sensitive; parents must opt for only baby products of good brands. Water temperature must be normal or lukewarm, as per weather conditions or doctors recommendation.

New born baby’s cloths must be of good quality to avoid skin allergies or rashes. They must be comfortable to wear .Front open dresses which are easy for the babies to get into, should be preferred. Babies should be dressed as per the weather conditions. Layering of clothes is a good option.

Baby’s hygiene is of vital importance to avoid infections. So.trimming nails of the babies, sanitizing them regularly helps to keep them away from infections. Diapers should be changed at regular intervals. While changing nappies/diapers, wiping the particular area is important. One should apply cream or talcum powder to avoid any rashes.

In case of outdoor trips, extra care and precautions must be taken. Babies must be fastened properly in the car seat or stroller. Long trips should be avoided.

Sleep is an essential part of baby development. Develop a specific time for babies to sleep. Let the baby know its sleeping time for them. Put them in their cot, cuddle them slowly, sing a song for them and let them realize its time for them to go to sleep.

Raka Raghuvanshi