Has Your Baby Stop Breastfeeding? Find Out the Probable Reasons

Babies are known to be notorious. They love fooling around with you. Sometimes you will find that your baby will suddenly refuse to be breastfed. Sometime, you will be force to believe that your baby is weaning. But this act may just be one of the tricks of your baby to fool you. Nursing strike – the term given to refusal of a baby being breastfed – generally happens when your baby becomes five to six months old.There is nothing to worry about if your baby stops breastfeeding. However you have to understand what had caused your baby to stop breastfeeding abruptly though for a temporary period of time. If your baby refuses breastfeeding for several days, then one of these several factors may explain the phenomenon.

The first reason why your baby may have stopped breastfeeding is he or she may be suffering from stuffy nose or cold. As your baby may be breathing through the mouth, it becomes difficult to breathe while being breastfeed.

Or your baby might be having fever and high temperature and as such, close body contact may be discomforting. Nursing strikes can also be caused by an ear infection which may make it painful for the baby while sucking milk. Other physical condition of the baby such as teething and cold sore may also discourage the baby from breastfeeding.

Another factor responsible for refusal of being breastfed may be nipple confusion. May be you may have bottle fed your baby for some time before favoring breastfeeding once again. Now the baby finds it difficult to adjust to breastfeeding. A long separation between you and your baby may also lead to a nursing strike.

This is likely to happen if you had gone for an official trip. In other cases reduced milk supply may be the reason. Milk supply in nursing moms may be affected factors such as stress. A slight change in the taste of your milk may also leave your baby uninterested. Change of taste in mom’s milk may happen once she resumes her menstrual period. It can also be caused by consumption of certain foods. Lastly, the use of a new soap or deodorant may keep off your baby.

Now that you have understood these factors, it will be easier to find a way to deal with the problem and find a solution to it.