Having A Nutritional Diet During Pregnancy

If you wish to have a healthy pregnancy then it is absolutely vital that you have a very healthy diet. What you eat affects your baby and its development in these 9 months. This is because you supply all the nutrients for its development. To start with, pregnant women need to increase their energy level as well as their calorie consumption.

This should not be done by eating more junk food, no. While the exact increase in calories varies from person to person, on average women are recommended to have an increase of about 100 calories during the first trimester and around 300 during the second and third trimester. For this you can consume a healthy fruit snack, milk or yogurt serving before going to bed.

The folic acid that you consume is responsible for the development of your baby’s neural functions. As such you need to have an adequate amount of folic acid in your diet. This can be achieved by increasing your daily folate supplement to around 0.4 mg.

To achieve really good results doctors recommend you start this increase 3 months prior to conceiving and for at least 3 months after you’re pregnant.

Iron is a very important element because it regulates and increases the blood supply for the baby’s development. It also plays a major role in the development of the placenta that contains all the elements for the physical development of your baby.

For most women, their iron count is not high enough for and during pregnancy, as such they are recommended to consume small 30 mg doses of iron supplements. In order to prevent iron deficiency you should consume fish, lean red meat, poultry, dried fruits and the likes because they are rich in iron.

It is recommended that you have around 1000 mg – 1300 mg of calcium in your diet to ensure that your baby has enough calcium and Vitamin D for developing strong bones.

You can consume as many dairy products as you want in as many servings as you wish. You should have milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products. These are the basic nutritional requirements for pregnant women to ensure they have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.


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