Having Trouble in Getting Conceived? Stop Doing These Things Now

So you have been trying to get pregnant for months without any success. Frustration naturally creeps in and there are rising concerns about your fertility. Out of anxiety and frustration, couples have a tendency to rush to the clinics of fertility doctors at the slightest indication of infertility. Your anxiety and frustration are justified and understandable.

But before considering an appointment with the fertility doctor, pause a moment and see if you have been associated with the following things. If so, you have to stop or avoid these things and see if you can be successful one last time in getting pregnant.

The first to see is whether you have been stressful all these times while you unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. Stress is a major stumbling block toward achieving pregnancy. It affects the bodily chemical environment making it not so inducive for fertilization of eggs. Even if you have conceived in such an environment, there is a likelihood that you may miscarry.

As such, reducing stress may be the clinching factor. Reduce your workload, learn to say no to some of the demands and request. Also, avoid taking unnecessary tensions. You can also keep stress at bay by taking up exercising. Swimming, brisk walking, stationary cycling, and dancing are considered the ideal pregnancy exercises. You can also take up these exercises while trying to get conceived and carry them through your pregnancy.

If you have been drinking a lot of coffee or any other caffeinated drinks, then it may be another possible cause for trouble in getting pregnant. The effects of caffeine on fertility have been studied several times and it has been documented that caffeine increases the risk of infertility in women. Moreover drinking caffeinated drinks may also lead to miscarriage. So, avoid taking such drinks and see if can conceive.

Also, you can check your weight to see if you are excessively overweight. Obesity and infertility are closely related. If this is a contributing cause, then shedding off those extra pounds will help your cause. Fertility improves once you are back in shape.

Apart from all these, you can also enhance your chances of getting conceived by promoting a healthy eating habit.