Having Twins

You may realise that you are pregnant just by a routine home test. But when you do visit the gynecologist you will get an ultra sound done and you will be told if you are having a multiple pregnancy. A multiple pregnancy could be twins or even triplets. The first time the parents hear that they are having twins it is more of a shock and they wonder what they will need to do. When you try to conceive it is usually with the hope of having one happy and healthy child.

After the initial shock settles down you will start to come to terms with your multiple pregnancy and enjoy it just as you would if there was only one.

If you are having twins you would require more care than others who are having one baby. You will have more doctors visits to check if all is well with you and the babies. You will experience more nausea and vomiting as compared to if you were having one child. You can have extra liquids to give you energy if the food is causing you much discomfort. Eating smaller meals at regular intervals will make you feel better.Since you are carrying two babies you could experience more back pain. So check your posture and avoid bending and carrying any weight.

Your bell will grow faster and bigger than normal as it needs to make place for two babies and you will experience a lot more tiredness. So you will be asked to have iron supplements as you may bet anaemic. By the time you are into your last trimester you will feel heavy indigestion as your stomach is much larger and will be more uncomfortable in your sleeping positions.

Even with all these problems you can keep your self happy by wondering if you are having twin boys or twin girls or one boy and one girl. Twins can lie in different positions in the womb. Sometimes both in the breech position or one in breech and one in the normal position. Your doctor will advise you on whether you can have a normal delivery or if there is a need for a cesarean.