Head Lice Treatments

Anyone at any age may get infested with head lice. However mostly kids get this parasite once they start going to preschool or school and girls are more prone to get this because of their long hairs.

Head lice are not dangerous creatures and they won’t spread any diseases but it may cause itching on the scalp and persistent scratching of the scalp leads to inflammation and skin infections. Certain kids develops itching as soon as the lice gets in to their hairs while others develops it only after weeks and this depends mainly on the sensitivity of the kid’s skin.

How do a Child gets Head Lice

Physical contact with an infested child or person at school, play time, parties etc leads to transfer of lice to the kid. Sharing of infested person’s accessories such as hat, coats, scarves, ribbons, combs, towels, brushes etc may also cause spreading of infestation.

Similarly lying on the pillow, bed, carpet that was recently used by infested person may spread the lice. Once infested then the lice multiples quickly and each adult can lay 10 eggs or nit per day which hatch in 7 to 12 days and baby lice matures in another 9 to 12 days. Kids having untidy hairs have more chances to develop head lice.

Treatments for Head Lice

Many shampoos are available to treat head lice which can be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The treatment must be repeated after one week to ensure the complete eradication of lice. Comb the hair after shampooing to remove the dead and remaining live lice from the hair.

It is recommended to have the treatment undertaken by all the family members on the same day in order to avoid the chances of spreading the head lice. Also wash the bed linen, hair accessories and soft toys of the kids in hot water.

Combine equal quantities of lemon juice and garlic paste and apply it on the scalp. Keep it for about 30 minutes and wash off with cold water. This helps to kill all the head lice in the hair. One can also mix 3 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with the above mixture and can apply on the hair and scalp.

Make a paste with the leaves of margosa and apply it on the scalp and hair and keep it till it gets dry. Thereafter wash off with water and repeat this at least twice a week. Keep the hair and scalp clean to keep the head lice away.