Healthy Breastfeeding Diet – Some Useful Hints

Health of a new born baby is highly dependant upon the milk’s quality which is obtained through breasts of the mothers. Mothers should make certain that they eat healthy and nutritious foods, so that good quality milk is produced.

The healthier the milk, the healthier would be the baby. Mothers should incorporate all healthy and calcium rich foods in their diet, so that the breast milk is enriched with appropriate calcium content required for the babies.

Women should strengthen their breastfeeding diet appropriately so as to meet the nutritional necessities of the child. By eating a well balanced diet which contains all healthy nutrients like calcium, protein, iron and zinc, health of both baby and mother would be maintained.

Women should keep in mind that breast milk is highly significant for the babies, which prevents the babies from major health disorders throughout their life. So, quality of breast milk should be maintained to provide maximum nutritional benefits to the babies.

Folic acid is a vital mineral for the mothers, which assists in healthy milk production. Foods like corn, spinach, cabbage, chick peas and asparagus are enriched with folic acid and should be certainly included in the diet plan of breastfeeding mothers.

All fresh fruits and green vegetables must be a part of the diet plan of the breastfeeding ladies, as these foods are rich sources of all crucial minerals and vitamins which help in improving the quality of breast milk, thus assisting in augmenting both mother’s and baby’s health.

Low fat diet plan should be followed by the nursing mothers, where they should avoid excessive consumption of oily and fast foods. Also, intake of water in the regular diet plan should be increased.

Mothers who breast feed their children should avoid alcohol consumption altogether. This is very harmful for the health of babies, where alcohol acts as poison for the child. Smoking should also be prohibited by breastfeeding ladies, to maintain proper health of the child.

Also, breastfeeding mothers should not take any kind of medicine without the advice of the doctor. The chemicals present in certain medicines may prove to be harmful for baby’s health.

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