Healthy Eating for Children

We all know that nutritious food is required for the healthy mental and physical development of a child. Children need balanced food in volumes equal to or more than what the grownups consume, for their healthy growth.
Parents should monitor the food habits and sleeping habits of young ones.

Improper sleep and unhealthy food can lead to serious health issues in future, according to recent studies. Atherosclerosis (hardening or thickening of arteries) stems from early childhood. The blood pressure and cholesterol levels of a two year old can become equivalent to grownups.

Hence, proper diet control needs to be exercised once a child becomes two years of age. Through diet control, atherosclerosis as well as metabolic syndrome can be prevented from early childhood itself.

Proper sleep is very important for the growth of your children. It is only during sleep that the nutrients absorbed by the body are made useful to improve the resistance power of the body. Also, growth hormones that induce normal growth, gets activated only during their sleep at nights.

Diet for Good Health

Avoid food items that contain high levels of unhealthy fats and cholesterol. Include dark green vegetables and leafy greens in daily diet. Fish or fish oil rich in omega 3 fatty acids is very beneficial for their healthy development. It is also essential for the future heart health of your child.

Proper care should be taken regarding the calories that your child gets from fats. The calories from fats should not exceed 30 – 40% of total calorie intake. The calories they get from saturated fat should not exceed 10% of their total calorie intake.

Trans fats which are found in high levels in fast foods and unhealthy foods can cause cholesterol variations. Hence avoid or restrict its use. Tinned or canned food items should be replaced by fruits. A handful of dry nuts can increase the levels of H.D.L or good cholesterol. Give skimmed milk that contains 1% or 2% fat content.

Along with balanced food regular exercises are also required for the healthy development of your child. Let them indulge in sports of their interest, for 2 – 3 hours daily.

Blood pressure and cholesterol level checkups need to be carried out from early childhood itself. If proper care is taken complications related to health can easily be avoided.